DeadPool 2016 Movie Review


Release date: February 12th 2016
Director:Tim Miller
Writers: Rob Liefeld (character), Fabian Nicieza (character),
Rhett Reese (screenplay) Paul Wernick (screenplay)
Stars: Ryan Reynolds, Karan Soni, Ed Skrein
Motion Picture Rating (MPAA)
Rated R for strong violence and language throughout, sexual content and graphic nudity
Production Co: Marvel Enterprises, TSG Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation


Review By: Willie James

As a comic book reader and collector this was one of the best representations of a Marvel movie. I have always been a fan of all of the movies that came out of this studio.

From the opening credits in true Deadpool form there was no denying that this movie was going to be Epic. As in the comics Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds, from Blade Trinity) has always narrated his actions in every form. Always saying something quick witted to stump his opponents. Ryan Reynolds portrayed this character perfectly from his demeanor to his physical appearance. The actions sequences were spectacular. The story was pretty good it seamlessly transitioned from the heartache he had received from finding out he had a terminal illness to the extreme comic relief he embellished in every frame of the movie. There was not a moment throughout the movie where I found myself wanting it to end.

The scenes with his fellow mutants Colossus voiced by Stefan Kapicic and Negasonic Teenage Warhead played by Brianna Hildebrand were a nice addition to the film. The chemistry that all 3 characters had together from the insults to the action sequences was nicely done. I was especially glad that they actually did use a Russian accent for Colossus this added a much needed dynamic to the film. Unlike in the previous films that Colossus was seen in (XMEN and X-2) where he was played by a regular guy with an American accent.

The villian of the movie is Ajax played by Ed Skrein you may have seen him in the remake of the Transporter that was released mid 2015. The story of this guy is that he was the one guy that played a major role in creating Deadpol. He was basically Dr. Frankenstein in the film. but unlike the good doctor he was also a Mutant that could not feel any pain. He is pretty much Deadpool but with out the cool healing ablities and humor. His sidekick Non other than Angel dust played by MMA action star Gina Carano. Man this chick is bad ass! She is strong as all get out. I would not want to mess with her in a dark alley. her fight scene with Colossus was pretty good. That fisrt punch she landed was a jaw dropper for the big guy he was not expecting that from such a little woman. But he was able to deliver a few blows himself.

I could go on and on about this movie, but I will have to leave the rest up for your imagination, and your vewing pleasure.