Blood Moon – Movie Review



Release Date: September 1st 2015
Director: Jeremy Wooding
Writer: Alan Wightman
Stars: George Blagden, Tom Cotcher, Barrington De La Roche
MPAA Rating:
Production Company: Plumcourt Production, Michael Vine Associates



The old west howls when a town is overtaken by skinwalkers. Knowing they’ve got to combine forces if they want to survive the night, the passengers of a stagecoach unite with a heroic gunslinger and a couple of outlaws to battle the beastly enemy under the blood moon.

the movie takes a unique twist on the werewolf film and a riveting update on the classic western. You definitely don’t see too many westerns today. If you do, it is over processed with so much CGI or over theatrics with stunts.

I was racking my mind as I tried to figure out who the heck Jake Norman was played by.
The hero in this one was Calhoun, a stranger trying to get to Denver and happened to catch a ride to Lassiter, Colorado (okay, they lost a wheel on the stagecoach). The group (a newlywed couple, a madam and a journalist along with Calhoun) are attached by bank robbers and held captive. Little did they know that THEY are the ones who are captive.
There may be some twists. Not really, but I mean, it’s a pretty graphic movie, which I love!!
I would have liked to hear more about the skinwalkers legend and maybe understand Calhoun’s role a little more.

Oh…and the fella that played Jake Norman, was George Blagden, who played Athelstan on Vikings!