Things Get A Little Muddled in “E.L._O”


Titans has always been ambitious. The show has taken advantage of its streaming format to embrace some of the weirder aspects of the DC Universe and, for the most part, it’s worked in its favor. Tonight might be the exception. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Since the team has split they’ve managed to each get caught up in something different. Yet a mysterious force is pulling them back together. A strange signal permeating through their dreams and in their heads is sending the women of the Titans to the remote town of Elko, NV. It’s an interesting mystery that seems to come at the tail end of the season but when we’re lead to believe that Bruce Wayne orchestrated it all so he could discreetly talk to the Titans it just doesn’t add up. There’s a larger mystery at work here that the show isn’t telling us.

The upside of the gathering is that the Titans have now re-teamed to help solve the current problems plaguing the group. Dawn and Donna try and figure out what happened to Gar and Connor (remember him? Seems like everyone else in the show has) while Rachel and Kory are off to break Dick out of jail.

Dick, meanwhile, is having a bit of a spiritual awakening. After aiding some prisoners in an escape he has found himself sick in solitude. Imaginary Bruce Wayne is back to both taunt him and show him the way. It’s a neat little writing trick to give Dick the information he needs even if it does seem lazy at times. It seems the writers have taken the Joseph Campbell route with Dick and put him in a cave of fear. They also seem to be not so subtly hinting at his next incarnation, which should get you very excited.

With only two episodes to go they better start wrapping up loose ends fast. There’s a lot of ground to cover and not a lot of time to do it. It’s my hope that this seasons ends on more of a bang than the last one. While a great first season it ended so abruptly it was jarring. Now that everyone is more comfortable in their roles hopefully it will be handled a bit more  gracefully.