The Suicide Squad Proves The Missteps Of The Past Were Just Bumps In The Road


We all have a time in our lives where we want, no, need a chance at redemption. A shot to prove the missteps of our pasts were just bumps in the road and not what defines us as a whole. While this most definitely applies to the rotten, nasty, and murderous individuals that make up the “heroes” of the Suicide Squad but, also to this franchise as well.

When the first attempt at bringing the contemptuous cohorts to the big screen was put forth a lot of momentum was behind superhero movies and that definitely helped drive the hype train going into it. Unfortunately, due to an uneven effort with puzzling decisions on character arcs and overall script we were left with a mess of a film with a few shining moments that left Margot Robbie as the synonymous face of one of DC’s most beloved characters. Much like Hugh Jackman and Wolverine, it’ll be hard to ever see anyone else play Harley as she nailed it in Suicide Squad, but that was 2016. Enter James Gunn, the man behind one of my favorite comic-based film series Guardians of the Galaxy. He was tasked with bringing Task Force X back from the proverbial dead and we should start calling him The Reanimator.

The tone is reminiscent of the other group in his film on the other side of the comic universe light-hearted, witty with a masterful command of how to handle action with heft and levity in equal measure. You know these are terrible people by the dialogue between them but, you can’t help but latch on to your favorite degenerate and hope they live through his ordeal. Of course, you do need to worry about your favorites living through this one as it keeps with the spirit of the comic and first film where anyone can die at any time. This is actually one of the parts of the film that make it so fun, the pure and unadulterated unpredictability. With so many big, new name actors (Michael Rooker, Pete Davidson, Idris Elba, John Cena, etc.) brought in for this one, it will keep you guessing who makes it back to their cells alive. There are a few standout characters to mention besides Harley( of course played pitch-perfectly again by Robbie). Bloodsport who felt like a replacement character for Will Smith’s Deadshot from the first film ends up separating himself from that comparison. Pete Davidson as Black Guard was awesome as well. King Shark(voiced by Sylvester

Stallone! I know it messed me up when I first saw that in the credits) seems to be a favorite among those I’ve spoken to about the movie. As a wrestling nerd, I would be unable to live with myself if I didn’t mention John Cena’s amazing turn as Peacemaker He’s a scene-stealer amongst scene stealers.

To tell the truth, I really don’t have much of anything but, positive to give this film as I remember the disappointment of the first and can not put this next to it in any way except it introduced some core Squad members featured in this film. Waller is the main villain as she should be, as she is more evil than anything the team could ever encounter. It’s literally, an upgrade in every way and now in my top 3 in the movie genre. It’s definitely not for the kiddies but, parents brought their kids in droves to see Deadpool 1 and 2 so, I guess you can bring them to this one too(?). Whatever, you parent, I review. Go see this movie multiple times so that we can get another one. Please do this for ya boy. 5 out of 5 by the way.