The Last Jedi Arrives on Blu-Ray


The Last Jedi has arrived on blu-ray and it is no less polarizing then when it first hit theaters. The blu-ray itself is no less divisive as the extra features give audiences a glimpse into a movie that might have been.

Depending on which side of the fence you sit with The Last Jedi the special features on the blu-ray will either be the greatest thing ever or the worse. With 14 deleted scenes included on the disc there’s a whole other movie at your fingertips. And the little things end up changing quite a bit. As a viewer much of the theatrical version of The Last Jedi felt rushed and a bit choppy. That’s because a good portion of the backstory ended up on the cutting room floor, a sacrifice to the gods of pacing.  Pacing is always a key concern that makes sense as a story teller but many of the new scenes paint essential scenes in a new light. It literally changes everything.

Regardless of whether you feel The Last Jedi is a good movie or a bad one the dedication of director Rian Johnson comes through in the special features. His commentary is insightful and you can sense his passion for the story he is telling. Unlike many other films the special features in The Last Jedi feels more like Johnson justifying his creative decisions rather than just an appreciation of the movie itself. A feature called Balance of the Force has Johnson discussing why he took the creative liberties he did in the movie. It’s insightful for fans but no director should have to give so much explanation for why they did what they did it served the movie. I personally may not agree with all of his choices but that’s no reason for fanboys to go crazy about it.

The one special feature that should have fans excited is the in-depth, behind the scenes documentary The Director and The Jedi. It’s a real deep dive into the long road of bringing the film to life and really does paint Johnson as a truly passionate and unique director. The road to The Last Jedi wasn’t an easy one, especially with the death of Carrie Fisher, but all of that gets covered in the documentary. It is expertly done and, honestly, is the kind of thing that should be on more DVDs.

Unsurprisingly the film itself looks beautiful on blu-ray. The transfer is flawless and the sound is amazing. The first scene with the bomb raid and the fight with Kylo and Rey are absolutely breathtaking on the blu-ray as all the tiny details shine through.

To find out for yourself check out the blu-ray of The Last Jedi which hits stores today.