No Rest for the Wicked on “Young Justice: Outsiders”


Welcome to the eternal battle to save the world, and all the worlds in the multiverses for that matter, currently on-going inside the Justice League! SPOILERS AHEAD!

The previous seasons battles have left some serious scars on everyone, and the League is feeling it more than most. Here at headquarters, a giant meeting has been called to take stock after the war with the Reach, and to discuss new and on-going threats to the League and the worlds.

Many of our more –cough- experienced –cough- heroes are broken, and since retirement doesn’t really seem like an option, everyone’s favorite cynical brooder suggests on disbanding the League entirely. Batman never did do entirely well in a large group. And so, rather than attempting to disband the League across several different dimensions and universes, Bats and Green Arrow and some others tender their resignation, while the kids and teenagers look on in horror.

Meanwhile elsewhere, Dick Grayson has long since gone off to do his own thing as Nightwing, and is currently investigating the happenings of a metahuman trafficking ring supposedly operating out of the kingdom of Markovia. The line of succession for Markovia has lots of problems, with an ambitious head of security uncle, a pair of fraternal twins next in line to lead the throne, and a King and Queen who have no intention of encouraging a war on their soil. Of course, right after announcing that Markovia would give refuge to those who need it and pledging resources to stop the metahuman trafficking ring, the King and Queen of Markovia are promptly assassinated.

Superboy Conner is off with Megara, the two of them happily planning a wedding, when Dick shows up looking to recruit Conner for what he swears is a one-time mission. He promises the same thing to a broken-powered Black Lightning, who reluctantly shows up despite his claims to be done with the whole thing, makes a visit to recruit either Red Arrow or Cheshire or both, and a woman he calls Tigress comes through the portal for a new team gathering. The episode ends with Oracle in Dick’s ear, eternally planning for the next mission.