Greg Kinnear Bombs in “Phil”


Overview: A depressed dentist meets a patient who seems to have his dream life,
they bond when a few laughs are shared and sage advise is given. Then suddenly,
inexplicably, the patient takes his own life. This is a story about a man trying to find
the answer to the heartbreaking end of a seemingly perfect life.

Pros: The cast was fantastic despite the script. I am a huge fan of Kurt Fuller so I was
relieved when I saw him in this. He does an outstanding job of bringing fleeting
moments of joy to an otherwise painful experience. His ability to command a scene
even if he’s only speaking one line speaks volumes for his talent and honestly, saved
the moment for Kinnear quite a few times.

Emily Mortimer was very believable as the stunned and grief stricken widow. She
manages to convey her anger and pain and bewilderment beautifully.
Cons: Nearly everything. This is an awful representation of a “dark comedy”. The
story is trite, it feels like a group of people sat around a table and had a few drinks
talking about “wouldn’t this be a hoot?” and wrote the script on napkins. It was so
damn cliché, two almost funny scenes and predictable everything else.

It tries to tell a story about the sadness and complexity of suicide yet it seems to
make a mockery of it for most of the movie. We begin with Phillip wanting to find
out why Michael dies and then it becomes a stalker heavy obsession flick complete
with a serial killer wall and lame ass jokes about it later. There is nothing funny
about Alicia’s pain and how she discovers the awful truth. It ends with the most
played out Disney-esque ending that I have ever seen. I tried very hard to like this
movie, to find something of value in it. It just wasn’t there. At the end I was left feeling frustrated and exasperated.

Conclusion: If you liked Spanglish and Sideways you might like this. I wouldn’t recommend this movie to my ex-husband.