Check your ‘Private Security’ on Young Justice Outsiders


Welcome to the aftermath party of the previous episode, where all of our various heroes are wondering, where the heck is Dick Grayson?

Will Harper and his lady Artemis are having breakfast and discussing what to do with the glowing woman they rescued, having dubbed her for lack of a better handle, Halo. But figuring out what to do with her is supposed to be Dick’s problem, isn’t it, so where is he?

Elsewhere at a place called Happy Harbor, Superboy or rather Conner Kent, is mentally talking to his girlfriend Megan about the elephant in the Harbor, namely the guy formerly known as Prince Brion of Markovia. Who is currently watching his brother Gregor getting crowned King of Markovia, and getting all kinds of rage-y about it. Though that kind of rage is something Superboy has had to deal with before, this is a large Markovian issue and once again, where the hell is Dick Grayson to deal with it, already?

Off in Metropolis at the, what else, Luthor Grande Hotel, the man called Black Lightning but also Jeff, is calling Dick yet again to find out what the hell to do with Dr. Jace. Currently he’s put her up at the hotel, and he’s about to take her out to brunch for lack of anything else, but seriously Dick, what do we do now?

Turns out, Dick was off gathering Roy and Jim Harper for the next mission, and his last stop after accomplishing that is to head to Harper Securities, to recruit the boss, Will. Who is, after all the happenings of the previous episode, understandably reluctant to help Dick, unless he and the other Harpers come aid in a security job first. A shipment of Goode VR goggles is going out for delivery today and Harper Securities has been hired to provide, well, security. So all the Harpers and Grayson too, get spiffy security uniforms and it’s off to the semi-truck chases!

Artemis decides to take Halo to see Dr. Fate and see if he can’t divine some information about her origins or past, only to be privy to some very private scenes between Dr. Fate and his daughter, Zatanna, and their familial legacy.

Conner is trying to impart some patience to Brion through the judicious use of manual labor, which of course doesn’t sit too well with the pampered Prince.

Inevitably, a thug called Brick and his cronies are attempting to steal the entire shipment of VR goggles for some nefarious purpose, and Dick and the Harper fellows have to stop all of them! These being superheroes with no doubts as to their victory against the bad guys, Will decides right in the middle of a fight on a truck rooftop would be an excellent time to give Dick a talking-to about dropping the ball on his other responsibilities. And despite being a clone and therefore the youngest one there, according to Dick anyway, Will is inevitably right. The shipment is saved, all our fake security boys are heroes, and we even get treated to the end of a nighttime raid to save the metahuman trafficked kids left in Bedlams lair.

Life continues apace, and while we might have finally found Dick and figured out what he’s doing, plenty of other giant situations need tending to, and there’s still the nagging question of what can our heroes do to save the day, and night, next?

Tune in next time for Markovia’s new King’s first edicts, on ‘Young Justice Outsiders’!