‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ Season 3 Ep 4 ‘Unfinished Business’: “Dad, Why Didn’t You TELL Me?”


Parents can be a pain in the butt, especially when they won’t shut up, even after they’re dead and buried! Grandpa Brock here, sure he wasn’t the greatest Dad in the world, but he’s been hiding a bunch of secrets that could’ve saved Ash quite a bit of deadite trouble if he had just shared them when he was alive.

Somewhere back in 2012, Grandpa thinks, Brock had a visit from a Knight of Sumeria, wanting to warn him about the Necronomicon and all the deadite-unleashing funnery forewarned to come raining down on the head of his son. But Grandpa being Grandpa doesn’t believe the guy Knight, and after a bad confrontation, decides to pull a Williams family trait and disappear rather than dealing with it! Unfortunately now the information is completely relevant and so, by the wisdom of Grandpa’s ghost, Ash goes to confront yet another mistake his father made.

Meanwhile, poor Pablo has been taken over yet again by baddie spirits and is trying very forcefully to get into the newly-reinforced camper at Kelly and Brandy. Black threats are coming from the bite-mark Kelly took from Pablo, and the self-proclaimed warrior Knight of long renown, Dalton, is nowhere to be found to protect them.

Where is Dalton, we ask, poor thing? Ruby decided to dig him up and interrogate him for information on the Kandarian dagger and the Ghostbeaters whereabouts, only to discover that, hey, a Knight of Sumerias vows really are forever.

Remember how Ruby was using poor Mrs. Prevett the school guidance counselor as a front? That includes using the real Mrs. Prevett’s house, to stash a hostage and a bundle of joy straight from hell!

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