Will Iron Fist Find Redemption in Season Two?


Right now not a lot is known about the second season of Iron Fist but with San Diego Comic Con coming up don’t expect it to keep up its shroud of mystery for long.

Of all the Marvel shows Netflix has released Iron Fist has the hardest job. Not only does it have to further Danny Rand’s (Finn Jones) story but the series has to prove Rand is worthy to be the Iron Fist in the first place. They certainly didn’t do that in the first season as Rand was made out to be a totally incompetent superhero that had failed miserably at his sacred duty of protecting his ancient, hidden village.

Granted, his character got a little bit better in The Defenders and it looks like he will continue to evolve during some of the next season of Luke Cage but there’s still a lot of ground to make up before he’s viewed as a hero. Somehow, Rand was the least interesting person in his own series. If anything Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) was the big hero of last season. Watching her develop has been fascinating especially how close she is to most of the evil in New York.

There has been a lot of speculation as to whether Rand will earn his iconic costume this season and truthfully, it shouldn’t matter. If we’ve learned anything from the Dark Ages of superhero cinema it’s that you can dress something up as nice you like but if the story isn’t there it won’t matter. Thankfully Iron Fist doesn’t work in a vacuum. With the help of Luke Cage and other Marvel heroes he can propel his story to where it needs to be so he can finally become the hero he was always told he turn into.

Of course in order to do this he also needs a proper villain to fight against and that just wasn’t there last season. Yes his story told the much larger story of The Hand but most of that was to pave the way for The Defenders. He needs to fight someone real and someone that will challenge him directly, there needs to be real stakes.

But fans need not worry. This is Marvel and Netflix. Both companies have a long history of creating amazing material on a regular basis. Even their bad properties aren’t that bad. They may not be binge worthy or worth watching a second time, but they should always be given a proper chance.