Welcome to Marwen


It is a RARE thing to encounter a unique story coming from the machine that is Hollywood, but in Welcome to Marwen we have exactly that! This is a touching story of a man having to deal with the brutally of severe memory loss by way of a savage beating.

In Mark’s world we see a man obsessed with the theater of WWII. He sets up amazing scenarios using figurines, and other props tell the story of his wartime alter ego. An unabashedly heroic and charming fellow surrounded by the women of his life here in figurine form. During the film there are a number of scenes that involve things that hint to what happened that fateful night.

Mark suffers from PTSD and cannot remember his life prior to the attack. All he has are these elaborate scenes that he sets up and photographs. It is in this way that we see his connection to his former artistic past. In the film however we see how, in his mind, these scene play out like a miniature film, and this is where things get very interesting.
The animation is some of the most unique animation I have ever seen, bringing to “life” these action figures, including the incorporation of the usual action figure joints. It was amazing!

During the film we are privey to the growth of Mark and how he learns to adapt the troubles that he must face, things like a court appearance and a gala event in his honor.
There are so many exciting, and incredible elements of action and deep storytelling in this film
There is so much real human connection going on here. Mark encounters attraction, friendship, and healing through the course of this film. Honestly, there is so much going on with this film that it makes it difficult to describe it here. I would say experience it your self. Go see this one! I could not recommend it mo