Upgrade A Worthy Entry in the Blumhouse Film Stable


You ever walk into a movie thinking “I just need to check my brain at the door and enjoy the ride?” well this is not this movie!

Although this movie is fast paced it is not without its intelligence.  We start out with a man (our main character Grey) working very diligently on a beautiful 1978 Trans Am, and if you love old cars you’ll LOVE the sound of that engine kicking over! 
Well, after this we see that this is a film set in the fairly distant future where nearly everything is run by computer. From cars to your house, everything is run by computers. From here we are taken to the final resting place of said vehicle an odd monument leading to a very strange house where we meet Eron a hermit computer nerd, who had commissioned the collectors piece. Now Grey’s wife is also involved in the computer field but when she tries to make small talk, she is  immediately, shut down by this very arrogant individual. 
Is it after this meeting that the film really takes off. They barely make down the road before their car is taken over and sent into the darkest part of Grey’s old neighborhood and unable to stop the car. With quick thinking Grey is able to buckle his wife and spare her from the worst part of the accident! From here they are set upon by a gang of men whose intentions are obviously not for their benefit. Words are exchanged and shots are fired and now the chase is under way, except Grey has been left paralyzed, a quadriplegic. You might think “What kind of nonsense is this?” “How can you have THIS guy save the day?”. Well, you have seen the previews, right? And the the film is called “Upgrade” right?
Well, from his coma, and subsequent time bound to a wheel chair, Grey is finally given an opportunity to be something different. An experimental procedure turns into the ability to move and walk again. 
Now the hunt. With his new abilities he seeks out the people who killed his wife. Here’s where the story gets interesting and convoluted. Almost working against the police Grey tracks down the assailants trying to get to the top.
This is a wonderful action blast of a movie with a good story, excellent acting, and one cool twist at the end! I highly recommend this movie! You will not be disappointed!