TV Series Review – Masters of Sex


Channel: Showtime (Streams on Hulu – Showtime Premium Add-on)
Production Company: Round Two Productions, Sony Pictures Television
Release Date: September 29, 2013
Stars: Michael Sheen, Lizzy Caplan, Caitlin Fitzgerald
Rating: TV-MA for Sex and Nudity

Masters of Sex. What? I honestly subscribe to Hulu (I have a teenage son, the tv is all Netflix and maybe some cable). So, when Showtime became available on Hulu, I jumped at it! I missed watching Homeland, but I come across this show and I am like – WOW!
Only Showtime can pull something like this off. I mean, there is NO WAY you will find this on Prime time television. NO WAY!

Okay, first I love Lizzy Caplan. I loved her as Janis Ian from Mean Girls. Uh Huh! She is bold and ferocious as Virginia Johnson. She is ambitious for the time period this series is set in. This is her role and she owns it!
Michael Sheen is the affluent Dr. Bill Masters. Smug, Confident, The Best baby doctor. Award winning Obstetrician and leading fertility doctor. A man trying to get his name out there. The forefront of the Human sexual response study. Virginia and Bill are the pioneers of the sexual revolution.  It’s so taboo, set in the 1950s. Taboo and sexy. Sex for science.  Oh yea.

Amazing. The wardrobe is just amazing. What woman today actually wears lingerie underneath her clothing? I don’t even know how to use a garter properly. You know, in that time the ladies cared about the way they looked. Today, it’s about how skinny and how short a skirt is. How many miles of leg a woman has. Men in suits, a norm. Some men do that today.
I have been binge watching this show. I love it. I am so very addicted to the show. Anticipating the next fall out or innovation with the study. Or what is happening or not happening with Virginia and Bill.

So exciting!
You can catch Masters of Sex on Showtime on Sunday nights at 9pm. At least watch the Pilot, then decide if you want to continue with the show.