Top 8 Movies To Watch During Halloween


So, here we are on Halloween. Ghouls, goblins, monsters, and mayhem are on the horizon! But you ask yourself “What should I do?”, “Where should I go?”, “What should I watch?”. These are all excellent questions! Which is why I’m here to help. Here are some of my personal favorite Scary movies to watch during this time.

Number One of my all time faves is Trick ‘R Treat. This is a fantastic blending of vignettes that center around the pivotal character “Sam”. This movie is at the top of my list because of it’s great writing, wonderful acting, and the occasional surprise.

Poltergeist (the classic) comes in at Number two, because of its fantastic story, special effects, humor, and acting quality. This movie scared the bejesus outta me as a kid! I actually thought, as I walked down the hallway of my then apartment, that an actual giant skull was going to jump out at me and take me to Hell!

For number three let’s look at a classic, Fiend Without a Face! What’s cooler then crawling brains, sliding across the floor, jumping up, and choking the hell out of people? Nuff said!

Number four…Well there are the classic slasher films, like Halloween, Friday the 13th, and The Nightmare on Elm street. These are all excellent and should satisfy any and all horror cravings.

At number five I’ll pick another classic Dawn of the Dead. One of the all time classic zombie movies! Now I must admit that I like Borg versions, but two words: Running Zombies!

Holy crud scary! six, hmm, still so many choices! How about The Entity‘? What a movie about a woman who’s systematic attacked and raped by an evil spirit.

At number seven we have Feast. Here we have a very interesting film done on shoestring budget. In this phone you’ll get your fair share of beasts, horror, and humor.

Number eight: Here I like 9. Now some might consider this just a kids film, however there are some very dark moments in this film, which, of course, I love!