Tin Star Season Two is Coming to Amazon Prime in March


The 10 episode series starring Tim Roth returns triumphantly to Amazon Prime on March 8.

Season two of Tin Star picks up at the moment season one left off, but this time things are different. If season one was about vengeance, season two is a story of forgiveness. Having seemingly destroyed everything he loves, Jim Worth (Tim Roth) has to win his wife Angela Worth (Genevieve O’Reilly) and his daughter Anna Worth (Abigail Lawrie) back. In order to make amends for his actions and rebuild his family, he must save another from destruction. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Bradshaw (Christina Hendricks) is driven to the edge trying to protect her freedom and keep the truth of Gagnon’s killing a secret.

The second season of Tin Star also features the Nickel family, members of the Ammonite community of Prairie Field, a strict religious sect led by a council of elders and Pastor Johan Nickel (John Lynch). Anna, devastated by the death of her brother and Whitey, finds peace and safety in the Nickel home in the Ammonite community. The Nickels recently found sanctuary in Canada until their past tracks them down. Jack might be able to save the Nickels but in doing so- will he endanger those he loves most?