Thunderbirds Are Go! Season Trailer


Thunderbirds Are Go is a reinvention of classic Thunderbirds, and features the world’s most famous family of heroes, International Rescue. The series highlights the five brave Tracy brothers and their covert operative Kayo and how they pilot their remarkable, cutting-edge Thunderbird vehicles to perform near-impossible rescue mission, from the depths of the oceans to the highest reaches of space. Season two will continue with International Rescue as everyday heroes pulling off more harrowing rescue adventures, while Kayo’s connection to arch nemesis The Hood is revealed. Produced by ITV Studios and Pukeko Pictures in collaboration with world-famous Weta Workshop, the series is made using a unique mixture of CGI animation and live-action model sets. Thunderbirds Are Go delivers a new level of action-adventure animation for today’s audience while paying tribute to the characters and locations from the original series.

STARRING: Rasmus Hardiker, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, David Menkin, and Kayvan Novak
CREATED BY: Gerry Anderson and Sylvia Anderson
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Estelle Hughes, Giles Ridge, Richard Taylor, and Andrew Smith
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