The Skeletons Come Out of The Titans Closet in “Jericho”


This whole season Titans has been keeping a rather large secret close to its vest, what actually happened with Deathstroke? Tonight we find out.

A few weeks ago Titans teased the outcome of Dick meeting Deathstroke’s son after the death of Aqualad but cleverly held on to that information until it come produce the most damage to the team. WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!

In order to get Jason off the ledge Dick gets all the skeletons out of his closet and tells the full story of the old Titans and their time with Jericho Wilson.  What follows isn’t nearly as gruesome as you would imagine but still unforgivable.

In an effort to learn more about Deathstroke Dick has gotten close to Jericho and become a bit of a father figure. He’s been looking for some real friends and the Titans seem like just the support group he needs. Once they’ve gotten all the information they need from him everyone decides it’s time to cut ties, because manipulating a teenager like that is wrong. Everyone except Dick and Donna.

Slade, of course, knows he’s coming and vanishes. Not willing to give up the only lead he has Dick continues getting close to Jericho who starts to see Dick as a father figure. Everything changes once Jericho uses his powers in front of Dick and the Titans ask him to be on the team. They come clean with him causing Jericho to cut ties with his family and live in Titans Tower.

Deathstroke gets wind of this and goes for blood. His carnage brings out the wrath in Dick who confronts him in front of Jericho. If anything this episode solidified just how much of a badass Deathstroke actually is compared to the rest of the DC universe. Over the course of the season he’s either taken out or neutralized Aqualad, Robin and Wondergirl. Clearly he’s a force to be reckoned with when he’s got a target.

Given all the foreshadowing this season it’s no surprise the fight doesn’t end well. Jericho ends up getting stabbed by Deathstroke making the villain far more dangerous than he ever was with Batman.  Yet somehow the episode manages to humanize Slade in a way that’s never really done before. Sure, Arrow did a bit of but watching him with his wife and son really speaks volumes.

Titans — Ep. 208 — “Jericho” — Photo Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Titans — Ep. 208 — “Jericho” — Photo Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

What even more amazing is despite the fact that you’re dealing with a teenager that can body hop, a super soldier and a guy that likes to wear capes the entire thing feels very grounded. It’s true things like Arrow took a lot from Nolan’s Batman but they have less fantastical elements. Watching something like Titans unfold through such a grounded lens honestly seems to work so much better than it should.