The Mirror: An All Too Familiar Tale About Growing Up


Runtime: 15 min
Director: Selcen Yilmazoglu
Genre: Drama/Romance/
Stars:Hakan Yildiz, Gürkan Günal, Tugce Avci
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Akin, a college student goes to the inner journey where he meets with a girl and a boy who has the same name “Deniz” stood in this journey by explaining the nature and showing him the way. But unfortunately an unfair world’s realities slaps his face at the end of this journey.

This beautifully done low budget independent film has a real story to tell about a journey of a young man trying to find himself and his pulled many different ways by family, responsibilities, etc.  He feels he lacks motivation and feels he is lost.  Even his friends wonder where he is and are concerned about his welfare.  He meets a girl in a club by the name of Deniz and a new path is carved for him to find out what is inside and what he truly wants.

This story is very relate-able worldwide with the millions of young adults going to college and exploring their existence and what their true calling in life is or even what do they really want to do.  This wonderfully shot story takes the audience through the different phases in this journey.  Although I do not speak the film’s native language, I can understand the actors making their way to the final goal and watching their journey rather than the subtitles, was very enjoyable.

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