“The Kitchen” Brings Fire


So here we see three actors take an amazing dramatic turn in their careers, head butting their way through the walls of their own Hollywood stereotypes.

The Kitchen is about three fairly normal, somewhat docile, women of the late 70’s thrown into a life of crime all because of their husbands sloppy attempt at a robbery and the abandonment by Hell’s Kitchen’s mob .
Melissa McCarthy, Tiffany Haddish, and Elisabeth Moss all have to come up with some kind plan for themselves as well as their families, or it’s out on the street! Of course they start small, but these ladies have no intentions of taking anything slow, they simply don’t have the time.
Small-time protection builds into high-end racketeering. Throughout the tapestry of this story three separate, yet directly connected, lives weave in and out of hells kitchen. Kathy Brennan (Melissa McCarthy) a doting and caring wife has to shift gears in order to keep her family afloat. Ruby O’Carrol (Tiffany Haddish) must go up against the very mob family that she has been married into.
Then there is Claire Walsh (Elizabeth Moss), hers is a story of violent abuse and submission at the hands of her husband. Her’s is a mission of salvation through taking back what was stolen from her, that is her dignity and she takes that back with a vengeance. She, Claire,  quickly delves into the darker side of bring a burgeoning crime boss handling most of the disposal herself.
Within this we see some absolutely incredible character progressions and this is only one of the reasons I would recommend this film! There is the amazing attention to detail to the era. The clothes, cars, the garbage. Yes that too! Everything falls right into place with this film! I left the theater genuinely surprised!