The Intern – Movie Review


Releactor: Nancy Meyers
Writer: Nancy Meyers
Stars: Robert De Niro, Anne Hathaway, Rene Russo
Distributor: Warner Brothers
Production: Waverly Filmsse date: 25 September 2015
MPAA Rating: PG-13

When I saw the trailer a few weeks ago, I thought, “hmmm.” Now, my idea of the “Feels” and your idea may be different. However, when you sit in a theater and you can identify with the character…you root for them. I love De Niro. I love that he is comedic. His character, Ben Whittaker, is a man that today’s generation should strive for. Old school or not, chivalry isn’t dead it just needs a come back (so glad my hubby carries a hankie in his suit breast pocket)!
Hathaway has come up so much over time. It’s nice to see her as (okay, maybe to me) a somewhat controlling CEO of a start up. Her character is driven, laid back and vulnerable.

It is interesting to see the interaction, or the gap closure between “older people” and the younger generation (or at least in this film).

This film goes through the ups and downs of family and work. One person is trying to hold on to her family and business, one person is trying to find where he belongs in the new world of technology business and Facebook 🙂

This is a great film. I loved it. Surprising, comedic and it tugs your heart strings!

It’s playing at a theater near you!!