The Fate of the Furious: An Unexpected Thrill Ride.


So, to start this off, I really did NOT want this film to be good, however I must concede. This film was, in fact, rather good!

The story takes place on the honeymoon of Torreto (played, of course, by Vin Diesel) and after some usual car race antics we see him approached by Charlieze Theron who, by way of not-so-subtle coercion, convinces him to join her in her terrorist activities.

After blowing a mission, which lands Dwayne Johnson in prison, we start to see where things start to come together. While in prison Dwayne Johnson run into Jason Statham, his nemesis from the previous film.

During this unfolding of events the team is brought together to figure out why Torreto is doing what he’s doing.Now, I have to say that the story played out very well, and as I stated earlier, I actually did NOT want to like this movie, however I have to give marks where they belong.

One of the main reasons this film worked as well as it did was because of the acting prowess of Theron. Her incredibly hardhearted character was the catalyst that blended all the elements together. Overall would give this film about an 85. I found it action packed, humorous, pulling on the heartstrings a little bit, and overall living up to the franchise’s standards.