The Equalizer 2


In The Equalizer 2 we follow the mysterious and dangerous Robert McCall after the events of the first installment where he’s settled in another part of town living peacefully amongst his fellow apartment complex residents. He earns money as a Lyft driver.Oh, and he also helps random people out of bad situations for free.

We see him taking on kidnappers of a little girl in the opening sequence. That’s right before the opening credits we get to see McCall use his signature foresight to expertly plan and time the most effective way to take out a room full of baddies. It was a fantastic visual and gimmick through the first film and it remains so this time around as well. The story this time around is that a number of agents from McCall’s former employer are beginning to be killed off. Of course, his old friend, Susan Plummer is on the case. Her involvement in the investigation cause her to be a target and she us killed. Now, it’s up to McCall to give the perpetrators their comeuppance.

Denzel Washington is the type of superstar actor that inspires faith in a project. His name alone will put butts in seats even if you know nothing about the film, it’s director or even what role he plays. He’s is always solid if not brilliant. He can save almost any film from disaster.Heck, he carried former basketball player Ray Allen to a passable performance through an entire Spike Lee movie in He Got Game. In my (not so)humble opinion it feels like they wanted that effect to work on this movie too. Unfortunately, it did not. It’s not like there wasn’t an attempt to give him something to work with but from story to supporting actors it all fell flat for the most part.

Denzel was his normal effortlessly charming self both able to be someone who makes you smile and quietly intimidating. The action is solid once again as the close quarter combat style he uses compensates for the actors age limitations but, still exudes combat experience and deadliness. It just feel as though there was much creative effort put into the script and they relied on Mr. Washington’s innate ability to draw the best out of seemingly nothing and they threw in a few more gimmicky things for the end and sent it off to theaters.

End of the day, the film is thin and the gaps in it filled with uninteresting,uninspired story and half way decent action sequences. Denzel looked like he had fun making the film but, deserved better than this half hearted effort of a script. He’s a great actor but, this not a great film 2 out of 5 stars.