The Boy Next Door


Release Date: January 23, 2015
Stars: Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Guzman, John Corbett, Kristen Chenowith,
Directed by: Rob Cohen

Studio: Universal Pictures,
Written By: Barbara Curry

MPAA Rating: R

Yikes! Yay for Yummy six pack abs from Ryan Guzman. Yay for how great Jennifer looks after having twins.
So, she also produced the film.
What I liked: Ryan Guzman
What I didn’t like: It was predictable. I mean, it was basically –another teacher having sex with student topic. Oops…but with a twist?

Ryan Guzman, great sexy villain. There are really men out there that act like that. And well, teenagers too. What not to do: teachers, don’t have sex with your high school students (spoiler alert).

Jennifer plays Claire Peterson, a pending divorcee going through the ups and downs of divorce. If you have been there, you have an idea. Ryan Guzman plays Noah Sanborne. Sexy but teen with issues.
What happens, you know…then every thing gets crazy after that. Sex, language, obsession, stalker status – YIKES. He can stalk me any day!

I know Kristin Chenowith was pretty rail thin in this movie. She was funny and honest. Every woman needs a friend like her. Hill Harper makes an appearance in this film also (he’s a huge philanthropist in the real world) as the principal.

You can go see it, if you want to spend the movie money on it. Or wait until it comes out on DVD or Netflix. (Critics weren’t excited about it).