The Batman Trailer Feels Strangely Familiar


The new trailer for Robert Pattison’s The Batman dropped this weekend at DC’s Fandome 2021 and while it certainly looks great and demands to be seen in theaters one cannot help that it does feel familiar.

Looking back into pop culture history the most successful Batman franchise of the past 20 years has been Christopher Nolan’s trilogy. When they first debuted they were a groundbreaking departure from the campy outings that had come before it. They had so much influence, in fact, that they totally changed the landscape of moviemaking. It was suddenly very popular to create a gritty remake of a known property, even if it didn’t make a lot of sense.

Since that time DC has rebooted Batman with Ben Affleck and rather than sticking one a single actor to play the role, it looks like three different actors will be playing Batman/Bruce Wayne in 2022. Robert Pattison’s incarnation though feels more like an extension of the Christopher Nolan version.

It’s as if director Matt Reeves saw The Dark Knight and thought, this is way too happy, let’s make it harsher and grittier. That being said the casting seems spot-on for just about everyone. It is a bit concerning though that the film seems to be filled to the brim with villains. That formula tanked movies like Batman Forever and Spiderman 3.

The trick Reeves must do now is craft a film that’s both shocking AND original. So far the plot feels quite a lot like Batman Begins with The Riddler taking the place of Scarecrow. Those are big shoes to fill but I’m eager to see them try.