The Bastard Executioner – TV Series Review


Channel: FX, Tuesdays at 10pm
Creator: Kurt Sutter
Production Company: FX Productions, Fox 21
Released: 15 September 2015
Stars: Darren Evans, Ethan Griffiths, Lee Jones
MPAA rating: MA-LSV

I should have been studying, but I have been awaiting this 2 hour premiere for weeks now.
It was a bit slow to start, but then again, there is blood and death within minutes of the start.
I am glad that this was a 2 hour premiere. Sometimes, you just don’t get the whole story in an hour.
What I like: anything from the 17th century and back. This was set just after the time frame of Edward Longshanks (i.e. Edward I) mainly in Wales and various shires.
(spoiler alert!) The turning point, when the village from where Wilkin Brattle (Lee Jones) made his home is literally annihilated, to include his pregnant wife. I mean, that is just harsh. You either connect with Wilkin or you don’t. Right now, I am connecting with the Baroness Ventris. I see potential in her.
I think you will see some familiar faces with this series. The likes of Stephen Moyer (True Blood) and Katy Sagal (Sons of Anarchy). I am interested to find out what the witch (Sagal) has in store for our main character (Jones)right now.
I will be following this one…