The Baroness Has Entered the Building: IFC’s New Hit!


A brilliant and refreshing look at female comedy, the Baroness Von Sketch show which originated in Canada, was picked up by IFC networks.  The comedy was conceived by writer and star, Meridith McNeill and award winning Second City writers Carolyn Taylor, Aurora Browne and Jennifer Whalen.

This show has picked up numerous awards internationally including  multiple Canadian Screen Awards; best variety or sketch comedy, best writing in variety or sketch comedy and best picture editing in a variety or sketch comedy.

“Fast-paced and irreverent, Baroness von Sketch Show and its all-female cast draws upon 15 years of comedy experience and multiple collaborations to present an insightful, emotionally grounded series that captures the banalities and humor that comes from just trying to get along in the world. Offering a witty take on everyday concerns from the pretentiousness of ordering a fancy coffee to office and sexual politics, this satirical sketch comedy satirizes daily modern life. One popular skit imagines what would happen at a women-only world leadership summit.” says IFC networks

It’s a fresh look at situational comedy from the likes of Amy Pohler. The series originally premiered on CBC in Canada, is a satirical look at  everyday life, hinting at everything from girls’ night out parties and soccer moms to unspoken office sexual politics and women-focused topics. It takes the women’s point of view of a situation and makes you laugh and think at the same time. The show fills a whole in the gender gap of comedy offering up the silly provocative side of the woman’s world.

Also these women aren’t afraid of doing anything to get a laugh either. From physical comedy to impeccable comedic timing, the Baroness troupe shows their years of experience. The show can even be compared to popular comedy series like James Davis’s Hood Adjacent and David Chappelle’s Chapelle Show. “The Baronness von Sketch Show takes a funhouse mirror and holds it up to our everyday lives”, says Ben Cochran of IFC.

And there is no direct potshots about dicks or raping. It’s intellectual humor that doesn’t depend on curse words or bullying. Here is a sampling of how women use the art of seduction at club encounters to get their full nutritional daily requirements, money and then taking it a little bit too far.

The Baroness Von Sketch show airs Wednesday Nights 10 ET/PST on IFC and also can be streamed on the IFC channels as well as the IFC app.

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