The 13th ‘Doctor Who’: Don’t Diss The Sonic!


Don’t look now everyone, it’s our favorite break-all-kinds-of-taboos BBC show Doctor Who, back to shock and amaze and, once again, shatter all kinds of preconceived barriers about what our beloved Sci-Fi show should be!

Filling perhaps the biggest shoes in what could conceivably be called the longest-running sci-fi show in modern history is the 13th Doctor, and this final taboo to break is perhaps the hardest, the gender line. We’ve known him by many names and faces over the years, in black and white and funny clothing, with quips and quirks and qualms and such losses, he’s our madman with a box, and it has always been a male character.

Selected for the role of the incarnation of the 13th Doctor is Jodie Whittaker, mostly known for her role on the BBC show Broadchurch, Whittaker has gamely embraced the role, despite rather vocal backlash from all sorts of Whovians, as DW fans as often known. Lady fans are already speculating on the role model possibilities for Lady Doc, whereas older Whovians are often heard lamenting the choice as a cave-in to fan pressure and an exaggerated move of Politically Correct-ism, especially in these politically troubled times. Have some pity on Whittaker, Whovian fandom at large, there are like multiple galaxy-sized expectations she has to live up to.

We know that 13 will have a whole new set of companions after the departure of both Nardole and Bill coinciding with Peter Capaldi’s departure as the previous Doctor, they are Graham (Bradley Walsh), Ryan (Tosin Cole), and Yasmin (Mandip Gill). The controversial and sometimes brilliant show writer and executive producer Steven Moffat left the series in 2017, with Chris Chibnail and some others taking his place.

So what do we know about the new Lady Doc? Her initial outfit, which I’m wagering they change at some point as most modern Doctors do, is cutesy and old-fashioned with colorful culottes and a lilac coat, and piercings too. Pay close attention to how her outfits will subtly change, Whovians, it has never been a better time to tell an amazing subplot inside a persons clothing, than right now!

We know her first words with this face, from the Christmas Doctor Who episode ‘Twice Upon a Time’, are “Oh, brilliant!” and that’s such an adorably BBC thing to say. We don’t know what manner of sonic screwdriver Lady Doc will have, or that she will even have one at all, too many people are claiming the screwdriver is too phallic and the brand new woman Doctor should have something feminine; whatever. We also know that our new Doctor will have a very different TARDIS, given the premiere photos of Lady Doc’s outfit and the much darker TARDIS in the background.

Everything else is open to speculation, but one last thing we know for almost-certain is that the premiere of the brand new season of Doctor Who with the first Lady Doctor ever, should begin October 2018!