Talkin’ Toons Reunites the Original Cast of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Cowabunga! Fans from all over Los Angeles flicked to a very special sold out evening at Flapper’s Comedy Club. Rob Paulsen’s acclaimed podcast “Talkin’ Toons” returned to the live show format a little more than a month ago by gathering the cast of “Transformers: Rescue Bots”. However, nothing could prepare fans for the tremendous caliber of talent that reunited last Monday night.

Taking the stage for the first time at Flapper’s Comedy Club was the original cast of the smash hit 1987 series “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. While the original comic book was a cult favorite back in the day, this first animated series is what launched the world into full-on Turtle Mania. To commemorate this massive juggernaut of a series, the original cast kicked off the show by performing a live table read of the pilot episode, “Turtle Tracks”.

Rounding out the cast for the evening was host Rob Paulsen (Raphael), Renae Jacobs (April O’Neil), Cam Clarke (Leonardo), Townsend Coleman (Michelangelo), and Barry Gordon (Donatello). Filling in for some of the remaining parts were special guests Brock Powell (Shredder; replacing the late James Avery), and Bill Farmer, who read for the part of Splinter in the voice of his most iconic character, Goofy.

Many laughs and cheers were had by all at this very special event. After the read, Paulsen imparted the audience with his most famous words of wisdom, “Laughter is the best medicine. The cool thing is, you can’t O.D. and the refills are free.”

Talkin’ Toons is available on all major podcast streaming platforms.