Street Fighter : Assassin’s Fist @ Comic Con 2014


by Chris Sweda

Walking down the show floor I was bombarded by the many stars, character actors, and influential figures. — And when I say influential figures, I mostly mean people dressed as characters, or portraits of characters, or just our childhood heroes that are plastered all over Comic Con. —

I found three guys from the new Youtube, TV, and DVD/Blu-ray show <em>Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist</em>. They were here to sign some autographs, and talk a little about the show: Gaku Space who plays Gouki, Mike Moh who plays Ryu, and Joey Ansah who not only is the writer and director of the show but also plays Akuma.

The story of the show revolves mostly on Ryu and Ken as they attempt to discover their master Gouken’s past. As they go along, they learn many of the secrets from the dark art Ansatsuken. Hilarity ensues.20140726-172427-62667258