Stan Against Evil: Shovels Up for the Heroes of Willard’s Mill -Season 3, Baby!


IFC confirmed today that Stan Against Evil has indeed been renewed for season 3. Fans all over couldn’t be happier. So, what’s next for the Willard’s Mill gang?

“We really love our audience. I think of Stan like that little band you love that still plays.” – Dana Gould

This Is Really Happening

Sometimes all it takes is a unified action. Fans of Stan Against Evil came together after the season 2 finale and were extremely vocal about how much they loved the show. They were relentless.

Like an army, their love for Stan, Evie, Kevin, Denise and Leon as well as the entire universe of Willard’s Mill generated a social media buzz that was hard for the powers that be at IFC and their parent company, AMC to ignore. Now, their efforts have paid dividends.

Stan will keep killing for season 3. After months of campaigning, the fans were granted their wish. More shows, more of that wonderful armchair demon killing grumpy guy and his partner in the fight, the plucky divorced female sheriff.

Now, fans can watch Denise and Kevin’s relationship bloom or will it? Possibly more hi-jinx with Lara and the Black Hat Society and perhaps another time traveling visit from Mr. Duquette? Who knows?

It’s All in the Mix

The fact that fans felt so passionate about this show is due in large part to the talent behind it. Think of Stan as that perfect drink mix. You need all the components to make that kick ass concoction.

It is a collaborative effort. Dana Gould, a veteran writer, comedian and high geek priest helms this wonderful ship of eccentric personalities. John C. McGinley, an extremely versatile, talented actor and producer took a role for a much older man and made it his own. No one else could play Stan.

A modern-day Lucille Ball, Janet Varney is perfect as Evie. Appearances can be deceiving. She may seem like an exceedingly pleasant and unassuming woman but inside is a lioness who can spring to action at any moment. You definitely don’t want to cross her.

Improv actress extraordinaire, Deborah Baker, Jr. has been likened to Jonathan Winters which is a high compliment for anyone. However, she more than deserves that description. Her Denise is quirky and loveable. You can’t help but laugh out loud at some of her antics.

Nate Mooney is an expert chameleon character actor. This is what makes him so effective as Leon. The test of any actor’s ability is if he can make you believe that his creation is an actual person. Nate definitely succeeds.

What the Future May Bring

When we talked with creator Dana Gould last November, he was already hard at work planning season 3. Now that has come to fruition, his ideas are definitely going to keep the fan base growing.

According to Gould, “I would like to see Janet and John flip roles, not personalities. I’d like to see Janet exert a little more control as Sheriff and try to bring this whole situation to a head.”

“John’s experience is going to force into play contrary to his natural role and he’s going to have to be a little more open minded. When Mulder becomes Scully and Scully becomes Mulder. I think that’s what season three should be about.”

Much like the X-Files, Dana has plans to explore the backstories of certain characters. First stop, Kevin. Here’s why, “The character that I think has the most potential for an interesting backstory and I sort of read into it a little bit this year is Kevin, the caretaker of the cemetery. All of those stories that he tells are true.”

“Just no one seems to care about them. I think at the end, at some point, so much of the curse of Willard’s Mill revolves around the cemetery, it’s not an accident that Kevin is in charge of it. I think that is all going to come together at the end.”

His idea definitely gets your wheels spinning. Why isn’t it an accident? That is sort of cryptic. Is Kevin like Jack Torrance at the Overlook Hotel?

A Little Something for the Shippers

Every tv show has a couple that entices audiences into speculating will they get together, or won’t they? In the case of Stan, those two individuals are Denise and Kevin. Whenever they appear in scenes together there is definitely a weird chemistry in the air.

Gould’s take on that scenario, “I believe in surprising the fans. People love Denise so much that they want her to be happy and if she likes this guy then they should be together. I absolutely think that there is a life for these two characters together but what that does is put Kevin in Stan’s orbit.”

“Kevin and Stan have a very strange relationship. I think it’s because John and I as people have a good relationship. Kevin isn’t someone that Stan would normally like but there is a sense of respect there. Both of them are civil servants. I think we will see more of that.”

Is it October Yet?

For fans of horror-comedy, this is definitely one for the win column. With the demise of Chiller TV and the herd thinning in terms of niche programming, maybe Stan can prove to the network executives that there is a place for this kind of entertainment.

As long as there are Comic Cons, box office hits like Get Out and It, the horror genre will always have a place in Hollywood.

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