Spider-Man: No Way Home is on Another Level


Spider-Man, Spider-Man!Does whatever a spider can. Spins a web any size. One of Marvel’s best franchise. I swear it sounds better in my head’s glorious voice than it does the way you’re reading it.

Honestly, this is one of the easiest movies to review as well as one of the hardest. As this movie is compromised of so many back to back to back easter eggs, callbacks, and surprises that it’s difficult to expound on why I loved this film without giving up any specifics. There’s no safe way to do it but, to be as vague and speak in general terms as to protect the sanctity of the cinematic experience. So here I to attempt this feat.
The acting was definitely on point as the returning characters of Peter(Tom Holland), MJ(Zendaya), and Ned(Jacob Batalon) are trying to pick up the pieces of their now very public lives after Peter is outed by Mysterio as Spider-Man. This of course was the immediate aftermath of the events from Spider-Man: Far From Home. This is devastating of course as it affects everything from privacy, school life, and college admissions. Peter of course doesn’t want this newfound fame so he goes to Dr. Strange(Benedict Cumberbatch) to help possibly correct his anonymity issue. Of course, with Peter correcting one issue creates even more and chaos is introduced to New York because of a botched spell he asked for.

The dialogue is A-1 throughout the film as I don’t remember anyone Holland didn’t have on-screen chemistry with. Holland and Zendaya of course, real-life couple so it translates on screen. Cumberbatch’s Strange being the straightish man for Peter’s wide eyed wise-cracking teen. The perfect curmudgeon to foil Parker’s optimism. The same can be said of MJ who is the absolute antithesis of Peter’s unyielding positivity. The interplay of auxiliary characters on both sides heroes and villains are fantastic and absolutely necessary to the character development in the storytelling of this movie and overall Spider-Man movie universe (or Spiderverse if you will). The writing is some of the best I’ve seen in the MCU period.

The action is fantastic and extremely well choreographed. It has some of the best put together uses of the multiple spider-powers Spider-Man has at his disposal and honestly some of his brainpower as well. Which doesn’t always come into play in the films during battle sequences. I really dug that aspect.

As far as the CGI, which is made or break for me in this type of cinema I noticed the detail that seemed to go into the various shots where it was used. The point where the attention to detail hit me was when Peter early in the film swings away with MJ and he attaches to a street light you see the streetlight arm give a bit of bend as it would with sudden weight is applied to it. Little details like that really catch my eye and earn my respect as a movie concessioner.

You will have multiple moments where you find yourself cheering. sometimes out loud (which I never do but couldn’t help myself) as the nostalgia and thoughts of the possibilities will overtake you after waves and waves of some of the illest cameos and surprises slap you into a nerdgasm.• The writing is top-notch as even with as much as I went in knowing or having drawn my own conclusions on it was never uninteresting or unsurprising. The De La Soul song that as soon as the credits roll warmed my little Hip-Hop heart. This movie had it all: action, suspense, engaging narrative, character development, it had me teary-eyed (cause the onions on the guy next to me’s nachos) and it has me excited for the future of Phase 4 and the future of the Spider-Man movie universe (Spiderverse). The only thing negative I can find in it is how do you top something this cathartically pleasing? I give it a full 5 out of 5. Stay after of course, there are two end credit scenes.