SLLACC: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Reunion



On Sunday, October 29th. Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con welcomed the cast of the worldwide phenomenon, “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”. The panel featured stars Austin St. John (Red Ranger), David Yost (Blue Ranger), Walter Jones (Black Ranger), Karan Ashley (Yellow Ranger), and David Fielding (Zordon).

The cast shared several stories and experiences working on the set of the hit 90s show, as well as their thoughts on the recent theatrical reboot, which was released earlier this year. “My favorite part was when my character pimp slapped the bully in detention!” remarked Austin St. John, “We couldn’t get away with that in the 90s.” David Yost touched upon the filmmakers’ decision to make the character of Trini (Yellow Ranger) a member of LGBTQ community. “As a gay man it was very touching to see that the LGBTQ community was brought up in the film,” stated Yost. He also noted his satisfaction with the handling of his character, Billy (Blue Ranger) and that he had become good friends with actor RJ Cyler, who portrayed Billy in the film.

Walter Jones noted that while he enjoyed the movie and the added depth they gave to the character of Zack, he wished that they would’ve included his signature martial arts style, “Hip Hop Kido”. Karan Ashley jokingly added that she enjoyed Beyoncé’s performance as her original character, Aisha, but those scenes were left on the cutting room floor.

St. John concluded the panel by leading the audience in in shouting his signature catch-phrase, “It’s Morphin Time!”