Set Me Free


Runtime: 115 min
Genre: Drama
Written By:Marcus D. Spencer & Weinnie Mac
Directed By: Marcus D. Spencer
Starring: Skipper Eleckwachi, Alphonso Thompson, Marcus D. Spencer, Anquenitta Williams, Jonez Cain , Alan Walker

“Four boys, now men, still live in their neighborhood. The community has transformed and what remains is the “hood.” Each man negotiates his way through the day surviving the hood and each one has a plan to be set free.”

Set Me Free is the story of freeing oneself from the bonds of social, verbal and physical opression.  Four young african american men have aspirations to “get out of the hood” and elevate themselves into a “better place”.  Each of these men all endure hardships, but they are not all of the same flavor.  They all represent different types of people that the audience can relate to.  All of them do have one thing: determination. If you like movies like Menace To Society and New Jack City, you will be able to relate to this type of hardship drama. The environment in which the story is set hits an inner city crowd but the struggle of the underdog is real in this movie.

Most of the credit has to be given to the director/writer who really captured the dialog of the streets. Each of the characters’ voices are distinct and the actors have translated the script well. Keith is a rapper who uses his music to escape his current situation. Kevin sells drugs to help him get out of his situation. Both  Keith and Kevin are complete opposites; one wants to get out in an honest way and the other doesn’t care how he does it. Marcus Spencer plays Kenny; the young man who seeks education and knowledge to help him get out ot the ghetto. Korey is the last character who seems to be the person everyone takes their frustrations out on.

This movie is worth the watch and a modern look at an age old problem.  It will be released on DVD in July so don’t miss it.