Season 2 of Stan Against Evil Isn’t Another Overrun Willard’s Mill


After the introduction of Dana Gould’s vision of the perfect horror comedy was produced last year, people can not get enough of the new show Stan Against Evil.

The freshman show was based on the idea if Dana Gould’s dad was in a horror situation has taken off and Season two promises the continued hyjinx with a little bit more flavor. Since Stan has lost Claire, he’s never truly had a chance to heal from the ordeal, especially since the onslaught of witch and demon attacks has increased.

The new season starts off where Sheriff Evie is being burned at the stake and Stan has to get off his couch and save the day. He is going to discover a time traveling device that will save her but cause trouble for the rest of the season.

Now that the fans are well seated in their cars, it’s time for the roller coaster ride of season 2.  Our young attractive Archie Bunker like hero will have to learn that the intimidating, grouchy Stan will have to make way in order to move forward and his clueless but his ever faithful daughter Denise Miller played by Deborah Baker Jr,  is ready to be by his side with a little help from the town’s current constable Evie (Janet Varney)  and Deputy Drinkwater played by Nate Mooney.

Evie must now work with Stan to solve the town’s curse while Stan is faced with dealing with the loss of Claire, his wife.  The time traveling device he discovers will not make it easy for him but fear not.

John C. McGinley is a master of the damaged character and is able to transform a broken man in front of someones’ eyes into someone that you respect and grow to love.  Janet’s character has shown her strength and confidence growing as we reached the cliffhanger to season one. With the carte blanche the actors have been given for the new season we will see some new sides to our dynamic duo.

There is no lack of blood or slime lost as the mention of more organic slime and a possible blood cannon graces the pages of this crazy demonic nightmare. Practical effects actor, Mick Ignis returns to terrorize the town with a few new monsters developed from Gould’s mythos.  Fans can expect the fine mixture of mayhem and laughs that we have all grown to love.

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Stan Against Evil premiere’s November 1st on IFC on their streaming app and channel. The show will be 8 episodes with 2 showing back to back starting at 10pm and the second at 10:30pm.

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