SDCC 2018: DC Brings Shazam to the Big Screen with First Trailer


DC took to the San Diego Comic-Con to unveil the first full trailer for Shazam, something that presents a very different direction for the DC Cinematic Universe.

On the one hand the trailer presents a lot of humor right up front, which is welcome considering how gloomy most of the other films are at the point. The only problem is instead of going just light it seems to cross the line into annoying, which isn’t good when you’re making a first impression.

Zachary Levi was always an interesting choice as Shazam and while he fills the costume well something just feels very off about the whole thing. Since he’s not really a physical powerhouse to begin with one isn’t automatically threatened by him. Part of the joy of Shazam is he’s got powers on par with Superman yet is essentially just a kid. Levi never really crosses the threshold into God territory so it undermines a lot of what he’s supposed to represent.

That’s not to say the film won’t be good. One shouldn’t judge a movie by the trailer too much. But as always DC has to convince its audience why its there rather than present a quality product. See the full trailer below and let us know your thoughts: