San Diego Film festival


Not that long ago I had the honor of screening a number of films at the San Diego Film Festival. In this report I will be talking about 3 in particular: “In Utero”, “The Eagle Huntress”, and “Borrowed Time”.

I will be keeping this brief out of necessity. To start out there was so much talent on display at the festival! Directors, producers, writers, and the list goes on.

The first film I had the privilege of watching was In Utero. This was an utterly fascinating film centering around how environment effects the unborn fetus. This amazing film what I brought To us by Kathy, and Stephen Gyllenhaal. I’m watching this film I found it to be an ambitious Endeavor into psychology, environment, and maternal sciences. I find it fascinating but they were able to speak to so many professionals and so many of them came to very similar conclusions. Some of the conclusions that we reached where that depending on the environment of the mother certain stressors would be applied directly to the fetus while still in the womb. If the mothers external environment is subject to violence, hardship, depression, or any severe situations like these, it was shown they would have, indeed, a direct effect on the child. Again, this film was fascinating. Find it, watch it!

The next one was “Borrowed Time”. Now, this was an animated film out the highest order! This film falls into the realm of films not really for kids, but not because of inappropriate subject matter, but rather because of the intensity off the story!

This is a tale of a father and son whose misfortune is of the greatest depth. We are introduced to a father and son on a stagecoach. Father is looking at his watch talking to his son about what he needs to do on a stagecoach when a group of Bandits are heard in the background shrouded in a massive cloud of dust as they approach the stagecoach. The father and son try to outrun the bandits but unfortunately run out of road. Both of them survive this but the father just barely as he is stressed over the precipice. The son, looking over the cliff, is able to bring his father back up but there is an unfortunate accident. We fast forward to see that the son has followed in his father’s footsteps and become a sheriff himself. He, however, has never been able to overcome the guilt of his actions, despite it having been a complete accident. He attempts to rectify his past, but is interrupted something in the dirt, and what we see is his father watch from long ago. There’s a very, very, beautiful moment here which ties the film altogether! This film to was excellent!

The last time on this list is one called “Eagle Huntress”. This story revolves around a Mongolian family who has a history of being Eagle Hunters. Those are groups within the community who hunt by the use of an eagle, which they capture for themselves, raise, and train.

The story centers around a young lady who has the desire to be the first female eagle Hunter and how her father takes up her cause, despite what the Elders of her tribe say. There is gorgeous footage of the landscape as well as very touching moments between the father and his daughter. We see that she goes to school 5 days a week away from her family and then still comes home to do some chores. There’s also an incredible shot where she first gets to meet her eagle. She climbs up the steep face of a mountain all the way to the eagle’s nest where she stands there very casually while this giant golden eagle is making very threatening motions towards her. In addition to that the mother Eagle is floating around and is due back at any moment! There’s a lot going on with the story that I don’t want to give away but I will say that this young lady has amazing heart and that the scenery in this movie is stunning. The story is very uplifting especially to anyone who has children!



Overall all 3 get a solid 100 each!!!