Roseanne’s Third Episode Holds True To The Show’s Classic Tropes


Tuesday night brought forth a new episode of ABC’s hit family sitcom, Roseanne. After last week’s politically charged two-episode premiere, the season’s third episode returns us to the roots upon which the original show was grounded.

ROSEANNE – “Roseanne Gets the Chair” -The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Adam Rose) JOHN GOODMAN, ROSEANNE BARR

Titled “Roseanne Gets the Chair”, the episode begins with a disgruntled Roseanne cleaning up after her granddaughter Harris (Emma Kenney, Shameless), who recently opened her own online Etsy store for used clothing.

Fed up with Harris constantly hogging the laundry room, Roseanne confronts Darlene about her daughter’s behavior. Darlene, who was once the harsh and defiant rebel of the original series is revealed to have softened up quite a bit after becoming a mother.

Unwilling to be the “bad guy”, Darlene lets Harris’ disrespectful behavior slide, leaving Roseanne to deal with Harris in her classic on-the-nose way of parenting. Filled with heart, humor, and a hilarious moment with Dan helping Roseanne operate her new chairlift, this episode of Roseanne takes a step back from last week’s politics and gives us back what we loved so much about the original show.

After the show’s revival premiered last week to a whopping 18.2 million in viewer ratings, ABC immediately renewed the show for an 11th season. It’s safe to say that not only are the Conners back, but they’re here to stay.

Roseanne airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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