Rise up Lucifans, for #SaveLucifer


So a couple of years ago, we were introduced to an adorably smarmy and charming version of Lucifer Morningstar, the Devil himself who had grown weary of Hell and took off to Los Angeles of all places, for an eternal vacation amongst humanity.

Lucifer latched onto one Detective Chloe Decker, a former child star actor with a fair bit of human baggage, both personally and professionally, and thus we have the buddy-cop joy that is the FOX show Lucifer. The show is loosely based on the character of the same name from the DC Vertigo imprint, from master storytellers Neil Gaiman and Sam Keith.

The show also gave us the utter deliciousness that is Tom Ellis, the man who plays Lucifer Morningstar on the show, and is just as effortlessly charming in real life, plainly evidenced by his glorious manner at every last geeky convention he’s ever paneled for Lucifer at. His co-stars are always fun to have on the panel too, but let’s face it, just like his character on the show, it was Tom Ellis singing, or leading the others in ‘no sh*t there I was on the set’ stories, that we came to see.

And speaking of the shows other actors, ‘Lucifer’ is well-known for giving each their own separate storyline that intersects with Lucifers’ at interesting points, and often making them relatable to the audience in their own lives. Tons could be said about poor Chloe and her constant push-pull relationship with Lucifer, but most of the time we’re laughing at the screen, “I feel you, girl.” Therapist Linda only recently got the shock of her life, that angels really are for really-reals, and that more or less everything Lucifer was ranting about his Father and family was actually true.

Charlotte the lawyer, brilliantly played by everyone’s favorite Six Tricia Helfer, even after being divested of the powers of Mother-Goddess herself, struggles with the very basic human problem of being bad or being good. Amenadiel, Lucifer’s brother, oh he’s a bundle of angelic and human-like contradictions, but that propensity for martyrdom often rises to the top. Lucifer’s best gal Mazikeen, she runs around in her own skin most of the time, and it’s oh so delicious to see someone revel in being exactly what they are, especially for those of us out here who can’t.

This new season breathed life back into the career of Tom Welling, whom yes we all know from damn near a decade of Smallville, casting him as the hidden Caine and monkey in the wrench of Lucifer’s already complicated little world of L.A. Another biblical character with all sorts of very base human desires and complications is a brilliant move on the part of the Lucifer storytellers, and Welling pulls it off very well.

But now, due as far as I can discern only to a lack of good-enough ratings numbers, our beloved ‘Lucifer’ has been cancelled at FOX. Almost immediately there was an outcry from loyal fandom, and the campaign for #SaveLucifer only got louder when Tom Ellis himself took to Twitter to confirm the cancellation and state that he was gutted by the whole affair.

The show Brooklyn Nine-Nine was picked up after cancellation and large fan outcry by NBC, so Lucifer fans are refusing to give up just yet. Ellis came back to Twitter and said how blown away he was by the whole #SaveLucifer thing, and to keep fighting.

Rise up, my fellow Lucifans! Let your voice be heard, to the heavens and hells and all over fandom, we want to #SaveLucifer! Join the movement on Twitter, hell on all your social medias, don’t pluck the Devil from our Mondays!