Rampage A Fun Monster Mash


First of all I did NOT expect to like this film! I went onto it with some heavy doubts! The whole premise seemed off, however I must tip my hat to the whole team that put this film together! It was well written for what it was, a really fun monster movie!
The film starts out with an action packed thriller intro! A doctor is caught on a space station in disarray on its way to self destruction. The firm behind the experiment with not let her leave until she retrieves an experiment from the holding area. Hoop retrieving it it’s time to get outta town, but not before we catch a glimpse of what’s coming after her. With out spoiling anything, she doesn’t make it.

It’s after this that we are shown Dr. Okoye (Dwayne Johnson) and George an albino gorilla’s bond of friendship.In the next few shots we see experimental capsules fall from the sky and land in different parts of America effecting certain animals, George, being one of them. The day after the canister has released its contents on George we see than not only has he grown dramatically, but also has become surprisingly aggressive.

From here we begin to see glimpses of how these chemicals are effecting and changing these animals into creatures of substantial destructive ability. The company behind this, in typical fashion, does not care about the human fallout that may occur, but would rather sacrifice all for the sake of profit.

Dr. Okoye continues to try and help his friend George with the help of Dr. Caldwell (played by Naomie Harris, of Pirates fame), but sees that this may be a losing battle. At this point the gov’t steps in and this is where we meet agent Harvey Russell (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Now this is the only part where I had a problem. At this point we’ve been watching Morgan on The Walking Dead for so long it’s hard to see him as anything else. It’s quite distracting.

Anyway, from here things get really exciting as the monsters are called to Chicago where they are supposed to get picked up by the corporation so as to be further weaponized.
Now, of course, there is plenty of destruction and mayhem, but there is a good dosing of humor! I think everyone who ventures out to see this film will be pleasantly surprised.