Ragnarok’s Cabin: Tongue in Cheek Comedy That’s Good For A Couple Of Laughs


Release Date: October 23,2014 (Canada)
Runtime: 65 minutes
Directed by: Kevin Straw
Starring:Randy Mars, Vincent Valentino, Julianne Carioto
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Ragnarok’s Cabin is a campy comedy that is about a newlywed couple that go to a romantic cabin getaway, only to have their honeymoon interrupted by some uninvited “guests”. The worst thing about this is that among these guests, a killer is on the loose and there are no authorities around to help catch the culprit. Each one of them is a target and bodies are just being found all over the place. The film keeps a good pace;like most campy b movies there seems to be plot devices or filler to move the story along. People who love to watch this type of film genre will be delighted by the characters in the story; each one having their own unique traits and the comedy reminds you of the funny horror flicks like Scary Movie and Not Another Scary Movie. There was decent production value for this low budget film but if they had taken a little bit more time on the editing this would have been a 9.

ragnarock-pic-1 ragnarok-cabin-name ragnarok-puppet