Prepare For the Return of Evil: Stan Against Evil Season 2


Stan Against Evil, the popular horror comedy is making its return to IFC this fall. Production will start in June and the cast and crew will be returning to Georgia to begin the next installment of Dana Gould’s tongue in cheek tribute to the horror comedy genre.

After its debut on IFC on Halloween, the show has been picking up momentum from horror and comedy fans alike. Reruns of season 1 are available on amazon, itunes as well as the IFC streaming app.

John C. McGinley plays a cantankerous sheriff of a quiet conservative town who had recent lost his wife and is now trying to enjoy his retirement. Unfortunately unbeknownst to Stan is that his wife was the reason he and their only daughter, Denise were still alive. A new Sheriff has been brought to town and she is not afraid to get her hands dirty. Together this awesome trio work together to solve the mystery of the supernatural attacks in their town while coping with new surroundings and situations.

Janet and John make a great pair; a total blend of old and new generations with their views and different approaches to handle the same situation. It’s worth the look see and below is a quick teaser to give you an idea of whats to come!