Pitch Perfect 3: And The Beat Goes On And On And On


If you are a fan of the first two movies, then the third rendition of the Pitch Perfect series is exactly what you are looking for; great covers of songs, a troubled romance, riff-offs finally wrapping up to a heartwarming conclusion.

The team is reuniting again to take the world by storm through a new singing competition on a USO tour. Three of the Bellas are sharing an apartment in New York City. Beca had just quit her producing job and  Little do they realize that acapella isn’t all there is to the music business  and the karaoke queens have a lot to learn. Their first riff-off with a band that sings and plays instruments puts them back down at the bottom and the Bellas will have to find their way back into the limelight.

Unfortunately, Skylar Astin fan’s will be disappointed. There is no sign of him in the new movie however there are a few new relationships and love interests for Pitch Perfect Fans to get excited about and new mashups of popular pop tunes that you can jam to.

The movie is fun and energetic and sure to get you grooving. It’s full of heartwarming feel good vibes that the first two movies always come through for the fans in the end.  It’s a wonderful close to the trilogy with the final performance from one of the classics from George Michael.

One of the highlights that I enjoyed in the film was the further character background of Rebel Wilson’s character, Fat Amy.  From the first two movies we see the eccentric Bella fitting in to her new surroundings; a very outgoing and big-hearted person.  It is quite the shocker when we meet her father, a cold-hearted and corrupt man played by none other than John Lithgow. He ends up kidnapping the Bellas and stow them away in his yacht. Amy is determined to find her lost comrades, which is where the actresses talent really shines. Combining the comedy shtick with a bit of action, a round of entertaining confrontations ensues and bring us into a quick roller coaster ride of Amy’s past.

The songs always contain terrific mashups but the one I recommend watching repeatedly is the final performance. All the final performances of each movie are unique but this one is a magnificent close to the franchise.

If you are looking for something different and Skylar Astin don’t bother but as an avid Barden Bella fan, this movie will not disappoint.