Pasadena Comic Con Announces All-Star Lineup


Tickets for the PASADENA COMIC CON (Pasadena Comic and Toy Show) are officially on sale through ShowClix. This one-day event will take place Sunday, January 27th 2019 at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, California. Attendees can follow the show via social media on Instagram.

PASADENA COMIC CON, which is a joint partnership between veteran show runners Steven Wyatt and Scott Zillner, is celebrating its 5th year in action. From its start, the show has been an exciting destination for patrons all over Southern California, and the 2019 show will only be bigger and better. With a host of spectacular celebrity guests and special high-profile industry panelists, the PASADENA COMIC CON is a show that no fan of conventions, expos, or pop culture shows will want to miss.

The Guest of Honor for the 2019 show is Alan Oppenheimer, an entertainment industry veteran with a stellar career that spans an entire lifetime. While best known as the voice of Skeletor in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and Falkor from The Neverending Story film franchise, Alan Oppenheimer’s distinct voice has graced a multitude of other characters that have defined the childhood of millions of people.

Alongside Alan Oppenheimer, other celebrity and special guests include:

·        Suzie Plakson from Star Trek

·        Patrick David, Psycho Red Ranger from Power Rangers in Space

·        Steve Cardenas, Mighty Morphin’ Red Ranger from Power Rangers

·        Julie Dolan from Star Wars Rebels

·        Kellen Goff from Five Nights at Freddy’s

·        Steve Niles, Author of 30 Days of Night

·        Artist Patrick Owsley

·        Artist Barbara Randall Kesel

·        Artist Gus Vazquez

·        Artist Rudy Obrero

·        Artist James C. Mulligan

·        Artist Chuck Patton

In addition to the PASADENA COMIC CON’S incredible guest lineup, the show will feature a packed itinerary of exciting programming throughout the day for attendees to enjoy! These panels will feature presentations from local entertainment outlets featuring special guest panelists, such as:

·        Ready, Set, Geek Presents: Swipe Right for Superheroes! An exciting and high energy presentation that needs YOUR participation!

·        PopLurker Presents: The Golden Age of Internet Writing feat. Special Panelists Maddox from The Best Page in the Universe and former Writers Tom Reimann and David C. Bell

·        That Hashtag Show Presents: That Power Rangers Panel feat. Steve Cardenas and Patrick David

·        That Hashtag Show Presents: All About Geek Media

·        And more!