OUTFEST 2017: “The Fabulous Allan Carr” Is An Intricate Look At One Of Hollywood’s Most Intriguing Producers


OUTFEST Audiences were presented with an extra special treat when “The Fabulous Allan Carr” made its debut. Directed by Emmy Award-winner Jeffrey Schwarz, the documentary gives us an inside look at the successful producer. It has been said that Carr forever changed gay culture in the United States.

Born in the suburbs of Chicago, IL, Carr grew up spending most of his days at the local movie theatre, dreaming of one day becoming a major Hollywood producer. This dream came true when he worked his way up from being a promoter to a producer on the smash hit musical film, “Grease.” Carr later went on to produce films such as “The Deer Hunter”, “You Can’t Stop the Music”, and “Grease 2”. Carr even dabbled into Broadway theatre by producing the Tony Award-Winning Best Musical of 1984, “La Cage aux Folles”. To date, “La Cage” is the only musical in Broadway history to have won the Best Musical Tony and subsequently the Best Revival Tony both times the show was revived.

The film is compiled with interviews from various friends and colleagues of Carr’s throughout the years including Bruce Vilanch, Steve Guttenberg, Randal Kleiser, Robert Osborne, Brett Ratner, Lorna Luft, Connie Stevens, Marlo Thomas, and many others. Many of them speak of the massive flamboyant parties and events hosted by Carr, as well as some of the more depressing aspects of his life. With Carr experiencing several flops after the massive success of “Grease”, Hollywood turned a blind eye to him for awhile, sending Carr into a downward spiral of drugs and binge eating.

Featuring extensive footage of Carr’s many television appearances, productions, home movies, and the 61st Academy Awards which he directed, “The Fabulous Allan Carr” provides a fabulous look into the mind of a true Hollywood elite.