Out of the 5 dollar bin:Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles



MPAA Rating: PG-13

Runtime: 101 Mins.

Director: Jonathan Liebesman

Genre: Action, Comedy, Adventure

Stars: Megan Fox, Will Arnett, William Fichtner, Tohoru Masamune



Well, I will say that going in I had my apprehensions about this film. I am always on guard when Michael Bay’s name is attached to a movie. They tend to be light on meaningful dialogue and heavy on the wanton destruction. This movie hit the destruction chord but the dialogue was awesome… amongst the Turtles. I mean Splinter was OK as well, but the highlight was the spot on personalities and interplay between the Turtles. Raphael (voiced and played by Alan Ritchson) was as irritable as ever. Leonardo (voiced by Johnny Knoxville) was as commanding as ever. Donatello (voiced by Jeremy Howard) was just as nerdy as he ever was. And of course, Michaelangelo (voiced by Noel Fisher) was spectacularly Bro-tastic. Splinter (voiced by Tony Shalhoub) was zen mastery goodness.


Megan Fox was thankfully given very little to do in the role of April O’Neal. Will Arnett was placed in the movie for some reason. Maybe it was to give Megan Fox a pseudo love interest or comic relief but he wasn’t really funny nor did he have chemistry with Fox. The Shredder who’s the big bad guy of the TMNT universe started cool but was ultimately a weak character. They went through the trouble of showing a scene where he dismantles a guy with martial arts hand to hand just to throw him in a cybernetic samurai suit and have him do very little in the way of kung-fu after that. It just made a so called master of martial arts seem weaker. Whoopi Goldberg also showed up in an arbitrary role as April’s boss at the news channel.


The story had a few holes in it that bugged me mightily. The fact that Splinter mastered Ninjitsu from a book that looked as if it held eighty pages total irked me. The lack of how or why Shredder started the Foot Clan and settled on New York as their stomping grounds was never explained. This could have been explained in a 3 minute anecdote but it wasn’t and how does Splinter who was confined to the sewer system know how ruthless the Shredder is as if they met before.


All in all it was a fun movie you can take the kids to see and enjoy yourselves unless the Ninja Turtles was a part of your childhood. If they were apart of you growing up you’ll pick this movie apart. The fight scenes were fair to good and the mountain car chase is cool as hell. The dialogue is fantastic between the Turtles and you start to wish that only they were in the movie without the human tag alongs. It was cool to see that it also made fun of the original ideal of the Turtles being aliens for this film in a line that was like an apology to fans. There’s already a sequel in the works and I hope they can fix what tainted the experience of this movie.