NYCC: The Next Generation of Pacific Rim Arrives


The trailer for Pacific Rim: Uprising finally landed it’s…something. It was never going to be easy following the groundbreaking Pacific Rim which bears the undeniable mark of Guillermo Del Toro. Once it hit theaters there was instant speculation of a sequel even though it didn’t have the greatest box office domestically. Thanks to overseas revenue the sequel finally moved forward, but without its visionary creator.

Instead Steven S. DeKnight is taking the helm with already mixed results. The first full trailed dropped during New York Comic Con and was seen alongside Blade Runner 2049 this weekend in theaters as well.  Just as Del Toro wears his influences on his sleeve so does DeKnight, given the first footage.

Unfortunately those two styles couldn’t be more different. DeKnight’s previous work has all been on genre shows like Smallville and Daredevil but none of that really makes him an ideal candidate to direct something on this scale. The result is a gigantic kaiju movie that feels like an episode of Power Rangers. Even with skyscraper sized Jaegers fighting giant monsters the whole thing somehow now feels much smaller in scope and it shows.

Gone are the gritty landscapes of monster ravaged world. Daylight was rarely seen in the first film but bright colors flood entire first trailer, it is almost jarring. Of course much of this could be due to how the trailer was cut. We’ve seen on more than one occasion a trailer that, while impressive, completely missed the purpose of the film. Only time will tell with Pacific Rim: Uprising.