NYCC 2018 – Stan Against Evil Panel Recap


Ever hear the expression “Go big or go home”?  Stan Against Evil fans take this expression to heart. As a special preview for attending fans, they screened episode 3 of the new season, “Larva My Life”, which featured BIG laughs, “BIG” monsters and was received with a “BIG” audience reaction. But the audience wasn’t only treated to some Kaiju comedy. No sir. We got the first look at the new trailer for Season 3 as well go home with some Stan Against Evil official Halloween masks to get into the spirit of things before the premiere. I am personally going as Murgatroyd to my Stan Against Evil party on October 31st. How about you?

There was also a delightful Q&A with our dynamic duo and the creator of the show. Having seen Janet Varney on a panel before, I knew to expect some excellent improv and crowd work. Janet works a crowd so naturally; she makes everyone in the audience feel like they are personals friends of hers by the time they leave.

John C McGinley was also a ball of excited energy that the audience can’t help but feed off of as they pummel him with questions about season 3. I would say the only complaint is that Deborah Baker Jr and Nate Mooney’s were a sorely missed presence as even some of the fans remarked upon it in the Q&A. What I did not see coming was how funny and charmingly weird Dana Gould is in person. His sense of humor is completely in line with the show and makes you realize just how much of Stan Against Evil is Dana Gould’s personal playground of imagination. A stand out moment was when Dana got so excited when a single child got a specific pop culture reference in the screened episode that he yelled out “Would you like to be my new son!” Dana wasn’t concerned about how many people got it. He was just happy someone did.

I think that was a perfect microcosm of the panel itself. People sharing in their love of something during one of the only times they will be in a room full of people who love that same thing, It was a wonderful experience and if we can keep those shovels up for Season 4, I look forward to the next one.