News – Game of Thrones- 8 Seasons?


GoT fans, fear not!!!
HBO recently confirmed that the famed show will run for at least eight seasons! Whew!
Rumors circled that GoT would end after season 6, but now we know for certain, that there will be at least 8 seasons and maybe a Prequel series (so that we can learn about the characters – maybe Kit Harrington will be back for that!)!!

*spoiler alert: if you have not seen Season 5*
Unfortunately, Jon Snow, is dead.
We have seen paparazzi follow Kit Harrington (who still dons his long locks), but he and HBO programming president, Michael Lombardo, have confirmed.

Now what will happen in Season 6? Will we see Arya come into her own? What is in store now for Mother Queen Cersei? Will Queen Marjorie be put to death for her knowledge of her brother’s sins?
What about the Mother Dragon? What will happen to her being encircled by Dothraki?

If you haven’t seen or caught up to GoT, HBO is streaming all seasons on demand. The word is that Season 5 will be available via digital release August 31, 2015, whereas the Blue-ray and DVD release is scheduled for March 15, 2016 (per Who is excited for that? ME!!!!

Stay tuned for more GoT news!!!