Netflix’s Red Notice is a Big Win for Netflix


Netflix’s Red Notice is a strange piece. Currently, the film is the most expensive Netflix movie to date which makes it the most lavish and action-packed film out there right now. Of course, having Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot and The Rock in it doesn’t hurt either.

It’s a well-made film that wouldn’t have been out of place in the late 1980s or early 90s. Honestly, if the same script had come out in the early 90s it would have made an excellent sequel or prequel to Tango & Cash. The irony of that is there’s so much action that it should probably be seen on the big screen.

Netflix somehow made such a good film that it feels out of place on a standard television. The star power associated with it lends itself to that point. All three lead to their share of chewing the scenery where it’s almost a shame it has to be done at home and not on the big screen.

The movie itself does a great job of letting everyone flex to their strong points and even play against type. Gal Gadot makes a fantastic villain, and it would be great to see more of her playing against type. The Rock is, well, The Rock. He’s a great actor that always elevates whatever material he’s given. The same can be said for Ryan Reynolds who is still sort of playing himself.

There is a scene early on where The Rock must chase Reynolds through a museum and it’s a great showcase of brains vs. brawn. Reynolds doesn’t say a word but manages to outrun and outthink The Rock at every turn. It’s a good showcase to prove that Reynolds can be more than just the guy spouting witty comments every 10 seconds.

It’s clear all the leads want to be seen as more than they are right now. Red Notice gives them that chance because it’s freed from the studio system. As much as I wish I watched it on the big screen I cannot deny that it’s nice to see everyone having fun for two hours.