Nerdist Presents: Superman – Terrible Twos


Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a new Nerdist Presents, and it’s showing you a side of Superman you’ve never seen before. Everyone knows how Superman came to Earth and what he grew up to be, but what happened after he first got here? If you thought your toddler’s terrible twos were bad, then you have no idea what’s in store for Ma and Pa Kent, played by Matt Hobby (Boardwalk Empire) and Jessica Chobot (Nerdist News) when their little Kryptonian bundle of joy starts growing up.

Written and directed by Victor Quinaz, and produced by Victor Quinaz, Philip Quinaz and PERIODS. FilmsSuperman’s Terrible Twos takes us back to a time before the Man of Steel was a man at all. From birthdays to bathtime, Baby Clark Kent is well on his way to a timeout in his Fortress of Solitude…that is if his parents can survive his heat vision-fueled temper tantrums.